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Work package 4

Analysing the yield gap factors

WP leaders

Ioanna Mouratiadou

Dr Ioanna Mouratiadou

Humboldt University of Berlin, GERMANY


Prof Frederick Stoddard

University of Helsinki, Department of Agricultural Sciences, FINLAND

LegumeGap Survey

In WP4, we use the definitions of potential, exploitable, and achieved yields to define the components of the yield gap in faba bean and soya bean. Results from modelling (WP1), cultivar analysis (WP2), and management field trials (WP3) will be synthesized in this WP to determine the components of the legume yield gap. 
A large scale survey conducted in nine partner countries will inform us on the reasons for yield gaps of major legume crops. By understanding what farmers know, how they currently manage their crops, and what are the impacts on their yields, we can identify ways to achieve higher and more stable legume yields.

WP partners