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Work package 6

Coordination, data management and dissemination​

WP leaders


Prof Frederick Stoddard

University of Helsinki, Department of Agricultural Sciences, FINLAND

Moritz Reckling

Dr Moritz Reckling

Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, GERMANY

WP6 is the coordination and management package and is designed to optimize the project by ensuring smooth communication, information exchange and data exchange among the partners, as well as external communication to stakeholders, the scientific community, and the SusCrop office. The Data Management Plan and the Communication and Dissemination Plan are operated in this WP. Data storage will use the latest protocols and tools according to EC and H2020 principles such as INSPIRE and DataCite. Our communication, dissemination and exploitation procedures will interact with our existing and growing stakeholder networks, using traditional face-to-face and modern electronic tools.

WP partners