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Field day to disseminate LegumeGap field activities in irrigated cropping systems with soy in Lleida, NE Spain.

How soybean introduction can impact agronomy and environment in a context of high productivity maize-based cropping systems? Which are the benefits and trade-offs of innovative soil management practices based on soybean no-till planting on thick rye mulch terminated with roller-crimper?

Soybean cultivation is still very uncommon in Spain (<2000 ha in 2021), where irrigated cropping systems are mainly based on grain maize with high yield potential, grown either in single or double cropping systems with barley. There is an increasing interest of stakeholders in alternatives that can provide resilience to the system, while keeping the profitability and reducing the environmental impacts and risks associated to maize monocropping. In this Dissemination Field day, researchers from Universitat de Lleida synthetized some key findings obtained through field experiments and soil-crop modelling with STICS and moderated a Round Table dealing with the design for more sustainable cropping systems in our area.

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